book_The Adventures Of Tintin (丁丁歷險記)

Tintin’s 90th Birthday Recalls Why It Was A Fine Mess Of The Last Century

Back in 1929, Tintin was a globetrotting newspaper reporter and adventurer, born in war-ravaged Belgium recuperating from high unemployment and fascist political regime. As 2019 marked the 90th birthday of Tintin and his fox terrier Snowy, Hergé basks in all his glories as the proud father of Tintin. The Tintin saga is overwhelmingly more than the colourful countryscape, it is also about the feeling of belongingness and cultural integrity that have made Tintin worthy of serious re-readings. Fashioned after the Ligne Claire or Clear Line style, the school of Tintin breathed life into Ted Benoit’s Ray Bana, recreating the Blake & Mortimer Series later on.

Tintin- To Strive, To Seek And Not To Yield

The Adventures of Tintin is a Franco-Belgian comic book series created by Belgian artist Georges Remi (Best known as Hergé) and is published by Casterman. The series follows the teenage Belgian reporter Tintin and his dog companion Snowy (French: Milou) as they solve numerous mysteries. The series of books is known for it’s cleanly detailed illustrations from Hergé’s clear line (french: ligne claire) drawing style, to it’s well structured plots and stories associating with a variety of genres and for its slapstick humor.